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Back to normal – whatever that is!

For some it hasn’t come quickly enough, for others it’s over way too soon. Either way, we have to face the fact that for most of us, it is time to get back to the usual routine. Kids back to school, parents back to work, shorts packed away until summer 2017 and weekends become our time for relaxation and all things fun.


Most psychologists will agree, that routine is an important part of all of our daily lives. It provides numerous benefits, some of which are obvious, some not so;

1.Lets you know what next to expect in your day

2.Keeps you efficient

3.Keeps your momentum

4.Gives you a sense of control of your life

5.Lets you mesh your schedule with others

6.You end up finding a faster way to do things

7.Can help you sleep



With these benefits, what sort of things should be part of our routine? Here are a few key suggestions….


– Getting up in the mornings. Keep to your same routine time, even at weekends and during holidays. This is a big one!

– Going to bed at nighttime. Keep your routine bed time during non-work days to make your return to work easier.

– Eating times. Your body enjoys routine eating times. It will help with sleep, your weight, bathroom regularity, to name just a few.

– Exercise. If you do not have a routine for this, it will not happen. You know this one is really true!

– Leisure time. Similar to exercise. However, this is not just important for you, but those who are included in your leisure time – Often a spouse or children.

– Chores. A messy house = A messy mind. On par with exercise in that if you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen!




There are plenty more we could add, and if you gave yourself a few minutes thinking time we are sure you can come up with your own – which are specific to your needs! As with many things in life, the best type of help is self help. Give it a try!


Love from Routine Frammi,

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