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Handbag Safety

Some crimes appear in the same format all over the world. Pick Pocketing is one of them. When doing research for the design of our clutch bags, we learned that the clutch bag, is the least likely to be pick pocketed.

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Here are a few suggestions on how to help protect yourself against these thieves:


  • Always keep your bag closed properly. If it has a closure, USE IT!
  • Carry your bag tight against your body. Try to avoid back pack style bags as you should never let any bag stand out behind you. Particularly, never let it stand out behind you OPEN. If your bag does not have a closure on it such as a clasp, zipper, etc. avoid taking it out.
  • If you have a bag with a strap, wear the strap diagonally across your chest, with your hand resting on it in front of you.
  • Always keep your purse / wallet / money at the bottom of your purse. This makes it more difficult for opportunists to get to your money.
  • Never hang your bag on the back of a seat in a public place. Try and keep it on your lap at all times. If you must put it on the floor, keep the bag between your feet, with the strap wrapped around the seat your are using.
  • When using public transport or are in a busy, public area always have your bag in front of you.
  • NEVER leave your bag in a supermarket trolley or in a baby’s pram.
  • If your bag is snatched, let it go. Nothing inside it will be worth the physical damage that could happen to you, if you don’t let go.
  • Learn to carry only what is actually needed.
  • Carry only small amounts of cash.
  • Take only the credit cards you actually plan to use.
  • Leave expensive jewellery at home.
  • Don’t carry anything that is irreplaceable unless you absolutely must, even if it has no cash value.

Most importantly use your common sense!


We hope you never have the experience of being pick pocketed and with the use of our tips, you probably never will!


Love from Frammi,

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New plastic canvas designs

As popular as our kits have become, we constantly have to think of new product ideas and designs. Our supporters have come to rely on us for product innovation and inspiration. We cannot let them down!

Our ideas usually start by one of our team being inspired by something they have seen on TV, a magazine, whilst out on a walk in nature or even whilst in conversation with a friend or family member. Our latest concept was inspired by a family member, who was after a particular size and colour clutch bag. She had tried everywhere online and in the local shopping mall, but to no avail. So, she asked us if we knew where she could get one from.

If you can’t find what you want – then make it yourself!

Our design for the clutch bag fitted all of our family members requirements. We are sure it will fit yours as well! The kits, like all of our others, will come with everything you will need to make the clutch bag. We sourced a reliable and sturdy clasp, and just as our photo frames are, will be washable. We have also sourced a colour coordinating liner for the bag, so there is no catching of keys on yarn.

This is our first design for a bag, and we are now busy working on others. Just like our frames, we do not sell anything that we have not made up ourselves and tested for intended use. So keep on watching our website for new designs as they become available.

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If you have any suggestions for other kit ideas, please let us know. After all, we are here to serve you and to give you what you want 🙂

Take care,

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