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Tips & Hints for needlepoint craft kits

Take your time and enjoy the art of making your own plastic canvas kit. The following list of suggestions will help you achieve a good result, but remember it is your plastic canvas project and you should have fun making it.

 Try to use as little yarn on the back of the stitches as you can. Do this by always adhplastic canvas patterns to make boom!ering to our suggested stitching method. Too much yarn on the back will make your item puffy and unbalanced. Do NOT use tent or continental stitch. Use half cross stitch.

  1. Watch the help videos if you are unsure about any of the instructions or patterns.
  2. Try not to stretch the plastic mesh by bending or pulling it.
  3. Always work with clean hands.
  4. Unpick parts you are not happy with, and re-do them. It will be worth it in the end.
  5. Work with shorter pieces of yarn.
  6. NEVER use knots.
  7. Work lightly. Keep yarn tension low, mind especially when joining pieces.
  8. Again, because this is important: Try to use as little yarn on the back of the stitches as you can. Do this by always following our suggested stitching method. Too much yarn on the back will make your frame puffy and unbalanced. Do NOT use tent or continental stitch. Use half cross stitch.

plastic canvas pattern for uk clutch bag

Care Instructions:

Your finished plastic canvas item will be so breathtaking that everyone who sees it will want to pick it up and have a closer look. If and when you want to clean your plastic canvas item, carefully wash by hand in cold water, using a very mild detergent (the sort you can wash silk and wool with). Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Simple. Remember to take out any parts that may be damaged by water.

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