Pattern Info

Plastic canvas patterns are available for purchase. Framous Kits supplies complete plastic canvas kits, and we also offer just the pattern if you already have all the supplies. For those who have never done a plastic canvas project we suggest they get a kit for their first project, then they don’t need spend all that time searching for the correct parts. Just buying all the whole balls of yarn will cost more than a complete kit.

plastic canvas patterns wool options
The plastic canvas patterns come with a list of all you will need. There are also easy to follow instructions that will take you step by step through your exciting plastic canvas project.

The plastic canvas patterns are available immediately after checkout and are in an easily downloadable pdf format. Print the pattern as directed and you will have a to scale plan to work from. This makes cutting out the plastic canvas shapes easy to do. The plastic canvas patterns are color coded so you can easily recreate the beautiful projects you see here.

The plastic canvas patterns use 10 mesh plastic canvas and #3 weight yarn, unless otherwise stated.plastic canvas rubics cube pattern and kit


There are short, easy to follow video lessons on how to do plastic canvas right here on this website. Return to view whenever you need to see how to do a certain stitch, join pieces of plastic canvas together, or any other thing you may be uncertain of. The help videos can be found here.

Check out the patterns that are available.