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Plastic Canvas Needlework Kit Info

We know just how much fun plastic canvas kits can be! We realized that plastic canvas patterns seem to be stuck in the 1970's or 1980's! Times have changed. Who wants the doilies, coasters, tissue box covers and other dust collectors that were once all the rage? Why are there so few contemporary plastic canvas patterns? We enjoy our hobbies, and want to make functional and decorative items that make a statement about who we are...

Framous Kits plastic canvas kits and patterns are plastic canvas projects re-invented for today!

Pattern designs that match your style.

plastic canvas kit packed

What's in the Framous Kits box?

A typical Framous Kits plastic canvas kit is packed in a recyclable plastic presentation box or bag and contains the following:plastic canvas kit contents

  1. pre-cut plastic canvas mesh
  2. all the yarn you need - plus extra just in case!
  3. a special plastic canvas needle designed for this project
  4. mounting board, mounts and a sheet of flexible plastic (instead of glass) to hold your fav photo
  5. easy to follow instructions in English, French and Spanish
  6. clear, full colour plastic canvas patterns printed to scale
  7. a "Bag of Bling" which will have all the extras (like jewels if the chosen frame needs them) to complete the craft kit and add some sparkle.

Just add your talent and a pair of scissors to trim the yarn!


Who are these plastic canvas kits for?baby girl plastic canvas kit and pattern

Our kits are suggested for those aged 13+. We offer an ability grading sytem, so you will know which craft kit is right for you.

All of the finished frames look just as good from the back as they do from the front and make wonderful gift ideas. The boxes and clutch bags are strong enough to use regularly. You can make the plastic canvas kits up for yourself to keep. Make them up to give as a gift. Or give the plastic canvas kit, just as it is, to the hobbyist looking for something different to try.

Our Canadian made plastic canvas kits, make fantastic and extra special gift ideas for any occasion or event you want to remember. Mother's or Father's Day, Birthdays, New Baby, Anniversaries, Graduation, Retirement, Best Friends, Lovers, Marriage, Pets, Holidays or just because. Celebrate life, family and friends! Find the ideal one in our store now!



Do I have to be a needlepoint or craft expert?

Certainly not!

Plastic canvas kits can use a variety of stitching methods. Predominantly used is a tapestry style stitch, half cross stitch and long stitch. All stitches are very easy to do, and explained with clear diagrams in the easy to follow instructions and patterns. If you like, you can watch just how easy they are by watching the help videos.


What sort of photos can I put in the photo frames once finished?rocket plastic canvas pattern and kit

The plastic canvas photo frame kits come in a selection of contemporary designs that are suitable for photos of all age groups: from newborns, toddlers and teens to Grandma and Grandpa and everyone in between, including the family pets! Truly something for everyone!

Photos would need to be printed in a size that is suitable to the frame. Some cropping may be necessary to get a desired effect. Use your favourite editing software or service. The sizes are clearly displayed in the store.

The clear PET plastic glazing sheet provided in the kit will help protect your photo from environmental degradation. Unlike glass ours never break and are safe to have around the younger people in our lives!


I already do plastic canvas projects, why should I buy your kit?

Our in-house designers, all masters of plastic canvas, produce visually attractive designs that reflect contemporary trends.

For those who currently make up their own plastic canvas products, the advantage to our kits is that all the tedious work has been done for you! Our modern, unique, copyrighted designs come with full colour printed charts. The plastic canvas mesh is pre-cut to the shapes required so you don't have to buy extra sheets of canvas for your mistakes. You get the right amount of yarn, in the right colour. No need to buy a whole ball for just a few stitches in a particular colour. All the extras, like jewels, adhesives, etc. come included.

Framous Kits offers only the best quality, in complete ready to assemble kits. We have also gone out of our way to source all of our kit components from North American manufacturers and suppliers wherever and whenever possible. Quality of each component has been a very important factor.

Most of all, it is the plastic canvas kit designs and patterns, unlike any you will out in the market today! If you like you may buy just the pattern and instructions in an instantly downloadable pdf.


Will the resulting item last?plastic canvas clutch bag kit and pattern will last

Framous Kits plastic canvas kits will last for many years. They are truly a gift that keeps on giving. The finished kits will not break if the are dropped, and are able to stand up to really rough treatment. If ever needed, they can even be hand washed, using cold water, a wool friendly detergent and allowing to dry naturally. It is not recommended that they are left in direct sunlight as some fading of colours may occur. The photos in the photo frames will be more affected than the frame.


Are the plastic canvas kits safe and / or child friendly?

Once made up, the frames are soft, pliable and light. They do not contain any glass, like traditional frames usually do, so they are completely safe around children! Acrylic yarns used in the kits also reduce the risk of allergies. Perfect for the nursery or a child's bedroom. We do not suggest that frames that come with bling be kept in the reach of young children / babies.



Colourscraft pattern for plastic canvas kit

The pictures of the plastic canvas kits on this website are representations of what the frames will look like once you have made them up. The colours rendered on your phone, tablet or computer may not exactly match the colours of the yarn that you receive in your kit. The craft kits will come with appropriate, designated yarns in colours that our designers have chosen for their creations. The samples pictured are made up using those exact colours.

If you have bought one of our downloadable pdf plastic canvas patterns you may use your own choice of colours to complete the project. The patterns suggest what colour you use and how much of each yarn you will need.



All our plastic canvas needlepoint kits are sent via Canada Post to keep your shipping costs low. We ship internationally at affordable rates. Different postal options are available depending on how many kits you are buying, what speed of service you want and where they are to be sent. The more you buy the cheaper the per kit shipping costs will be. If you require them via some other delivery service, or would like to get your own shipping company to collect your order, please email us and we will gladly assist.

leopard plastic canvas box pattern in pink

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