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We make and sell plastic canvas craft kits and modern plastic canvas patterns. Framous Kits is the brand of Walmar Trading Limited based in British Columbia, Canada. Our craft business was incorporated in 2009. We are a craft kits design studio and manufacturer specializing in needlepoint projects.



Vision. For today. For Now.plastic canvas photo frame kit and pattern

Our vision is to bring the needlepoint craft industry up to date. All of us involved with Framous Kits are avid craft, tapestry, plastic canvas and needlepoint enthusiasts. It had become apparent to us that of all the craft genres, the designs for needlecraft in general, have not kept up with modern tastes. Our own frustrations at not finding needlepoint projects we would like to do, especially plastic canvas kits, set Framous Kits into being.


"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein


More Art, less Blah!

We spent the first years reviewing what the craft market has and noted that there are very many plastic canvas kit fanatics of all ages. There are many designs out there, but unfortunately most of them are over twenty or thirty years old. In 2012 the process of designing modern plastic canvas kit products and patterns started. It was decided that we would design only useful products. But also products that in their own right were art. We don't want clutter in our homes, but we do want beautiful objects that reflect who we are.


"Today, everyone is a photographer."


Plastic Canvas Patterns and Photo Frame Craft Kits.clutch bag plastic canvas kit

Designs! Designs! Designs! Our artists came up with hundreds of plastic canvas craft kit designs. After review, we decided to first launch with photo frames as they are artistically very visually appealing and also functional. To be used and enjoyed every day. Only the kits and patterns whose designs met with a high standard went onto the next step of being made into prototype frames. The crafters who helped put them together gave us feedback and suggestions for improvements. Then, we reviewed the frame patterns again and  chose only the best. We made the necessary changes to these and put them into production.

Next we started designing plastic canvas clutch bags, trinket and money boxes. Kits and patterns of these are now available.

This process is ongoing and we are constantly updating our collections. Sign up to our newsletter below or social media to be the first to know of new releases.


"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" - Albert Einstein


Into Production.

plastic canvas rubics cube pattern and kit

Every plastic canvas kit is assembled by hand at our facility in Canada. We do our best to source all the parts as locally as possible. Most come from North America. Even though we proudly make them in Canada, we have had talented input from many other countries to get this launched and consider it an international effort. People from the following countries have all helped: Canada, USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Bulgaria, Colombia, South Africa and India.

Quality of the parts of the craft kit is important to us. We have chosen to forgo cost savings in favour of producing the best quality kits that we can. Plastic canvas kits that we are very proud of will become completed projects that you will eagerly display and enjoy take credit for doing.



"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken" - Oscar Wilde

Into the future.

The market for these plastic canvas craft kits and plastic canvas patterns is worldwide. They are substantial but light enough to be easily and affordably distributed. It is our intent to become the world leader in plastic canvas kits and plastic canvas patterns by being at the forefront of design and quality. New kits, patterns and designs are being released regularly, every one is both functional and attractive. They will be a perfect showcase for you and those you care for. Come with us... for the best quality plastic canvas craft kits and the latest patterns!


 "Someone to love, something to do, and something to wish for, makes a perfect life!"

 range of plastic canvas patterns and kits



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